our mission

San Diego is in the midst of an urban renaissance and downtown's vibrant, diverse community with its nearly 40,000 residents is leading the charge. The Downtown San Diego Democratic Club's mission is to promote the ideals of the Democratic Party so that all San Diegans have an equal opportunity to live, work, and succeed in America's finest city. We work with local businesses, community groups, and city leaders to ensure that the values of the Democratic Party shall guide San Diego's future. 

our work 

The Downtown San Diego Democratic Club implements its mission by doing the following:

  • Promote and support Democratic candidates for local, state, and national offices throughout the County. 
  • Actively engage in voter registration efforts to increase voter participation
  • Provide a platform for influential speakers who are immersed in the issues that matter today
  • Recruit and develop candidates who will be the leaders of the party's future
  • Advocate for the city's residents to ensure that they are properly represented at the city, state, and federal levels
We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it.
— Barack Obama